There is not a map that predicts bird species biodiversity for the whole United States at scales that are relevant for a forester or a county planner. However, such a map is utterly needed to make...
Controlled burning is one of the most effective tools for restoring grasslands and savannas across the Midwest. But there are many more lands needing burning than there are resources available.
Understanding how spatial patterns of vegetation explain the distribution of organisms is a central theme within Landscape Ecology. Avi Bar Massada developed a novel method to quantify these patterns...
The results of a regression are like a messy storehouse: your task is to decide what you pull out and use! Nick, our statistical specialist, suggests some tools for evaluating variable importance.
Sebastian Martinuzzi investigates how future land use changes in the United States could impact the Nation's areas of biodiversity significance, with help from economic-based scenarios

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