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Field work
We suspect that bird reproductive success and community composition may be negatively affected by recreational use of natural areas. But, how do we quantify recreational use?
Dave Helmers and collaborators are using Open Source software tools in an NSF funded study predicting future land use change across the U.S.
landscape scene
How to map trees which crowns are less than 30 m with 30 m resolution? Ask Konrad Turlej!
Multiple environmental factors explain the likelihood of a burning house with a wildfire.
Forests of Mexico are under threat due to development, both for urban and agricultural purposes. However, it is not clear the spatial and temporal extent to which this is happening. SILVIS PhD candidate, Carlos Ramirez Reyes is exploring this using remote sensing data, and a novel method, spectral mixture analysis.
Dave Helmers sits down with me and gives the skinny on how he turns U.S. Census data into ecologically relevant products for answering some of the most pressing questions in land-change conservation science.
Field work
landscape scene

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