Tracking spring with a feather

Feb 2019 - Biodiversity - Birds - Conservation

While you might never ponder the relationships between topography, forest phenology and bird habitat quality, those questions motivate the research conducted by Maia Persche in the Baraboo Hills of Southern Wisconsin.

Jaguar Habitat Connectivity

Jan 2016 - Biodiversity - Conservation - Land Use

For the jaguar in Mexico, habitat connectivity might be the most conservation sound option to avoid decimation. Carlos designed a model that integrates potential distribution and connectivity which could influence management of jaguars in Central Mexico.

Conserving Thailand's last tigers

Jan 2015 - Biodiversity - Conservation

The Indochinese tiger (Panthera tigris) is one of the most emblematic animal species on Earth but also one of the most endangered wildlife species globally. A current study is using remote sensing techniques to map the distribution and connectivity of tiger habitat in Thailand, one of the last remaining hotspots for the Indochinese tiger.