The reinvention of the Caucasian bison

Jan 2013 - Biodiversity

The Caucasian subspecies of the European bison almost went extinct. Today a few herds roam again in the Caucasus Mountains, Russia, and we are collaborating with German and Russian scientists who are modeling habitat for future reintroductions.

Do we help birds when we help butterflies?

Aug 2011 - Biodiversity - Birds - Conservation

The Karner blue butterfly, a federally endangered species, has suffered major population declines mainly due to habitat loss since European settlement. Eric Wood investigated if restoration of oak savannas, critical habitat for this species, also provides an opportunity to protect important avian communities that use sparse canopy oak savannas during the breeding season.

No escape from housing!

Jul 2011 - Biodiversity - Conservation - Land Use

Across the US, hundreds of wildlife refuges conserve migratory birds, endangered species and their habitats. However, their relative pristine nature also attracts development and that may hamper the very conservation goals the refuges were designed to achieve.