Tracking spring with a feather

Feb 2019 - Biodiversity - Birds - Conservation

While you might never ponder the relationships between topography, forest phenology and bird habitat quality, those questions motivate the research conducted by Maia Persche in the Baraboo Hills of Southern Wisconsin.

Sacred Forests in northwest Yunnan, China

Jun 2016 - Birds - Conservation

Village sacred forests are small village forests protected as part of people’s religious beliefs and not because they are important to wildlife or air quality, and therefore may be better conserved without official conservation status.

Trail use recording

Jan 2016 - Birds - Conservation - Land Use

We suspect that bird reproductive success and community composition may be negatively affected by recreational use of natural areas. But, how do we quantify recreational use?

Working with managers

Jan 2016 - Birds - Conservation - Remote Sensing

Climate change has managers concerned about the future of their refuges. The extreme weather events project members have been meeting with refuge managers to help them understand what will happen.