Jaguar Habitat Connectivity

Jan 2016 - Biodiversity - Conservation - Land Use

For the jaguar in Mexico, habitat connectivity might be the most conservation sound option to avoid decimation. Carlos designed a model that integrates potential distribution and connectivity which could influence management of jaguars in Central Mexico.

Trail use recording

Jan 2016 - Birds - Conservation - Land Use

We suspect that bird reproductive success and community composition may be negatively affected by recreational use of natural areas. But, how do we quantify recreational use?

Working with managers

Jan 2016 - Birds - Conservation - Remote Sensing

Climate change has managers concerned about the future of their refuges. The extreme weather events project members have been meeting with refuge managers to help them understand what will happen.

Conserving Thailand's last tigers

Jan 2015 - Biodiversity - Conservation

The Indochinese tiger (Panthera tigris) is one of the most emblematic animal species on Earth but also one of the most endangered wildlife species globally. A current study is using remote sensing techniques to map the distribution and connectivity of tiger habitat in Thailand, one of the last remaining hotspots for the Indochinese tiger.