Agricultural mapping in Europe

Jan 2013 - Remote Sensing

Using powerful remote sensing technologies, Patrick Culbert seeks to map the size of agricultural fields with an unprecedented degree of detail, over large areas.

Understanding land use legacies in the Carpathians

Jan 2013 - Conservation - Remote Sensing

Not knowing how land has been used in the past makes it difficult to understand how it is being used now and even more difficult to predict how it will be used in the future, especially in regions with multiple socio-economic shocks, such aslike the Carpathian Basin. Our team is working on that.

Post-Socialist farmland abandonment patterns in Ukraine

Aug 2011 - Remote Sensing

The breakdown of the Soviet Union in 1991 triggered rapid and widespread farmland abandonment across Eastern Europe. Using remote sensing and statistical models, Matthias Baumann mapped where abandonment occurred in Ukraine and explained why it happened where it did.