California Wildland-Urban Interface maps, statistics, and GIS data download

Please cite: Radeloff, V. C., R. B. Hammer, S. I Stewart, J. S. Fried, S. S. Holcomb, and J. F. McKeefry. 2005. The Wildland Urban Interface in the United States. Ecological Applications 15:799-805. PDF (Contains color, 0.3 Mb)

Current Maps (Description of WUI maps)

Black-background maps

Blue-border maps

White-background maps

Housing density 2000 (Census blocks)

Wildland-Urban Interface 2000 (Census blocks)
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Statistics (Description of WUI statistics)
County level Wildland-Urban Interface 2000 statistics

GIS data (ArcInfo .e00 files)(Description of WUI statistics)
Wildland-Urban Interface 2000(Census blocks)
download (includes metadata)
Wildland-Urban Interface 2000 example metadata view metadata
Wildland-Urban Interface legend file wuistate.avl
Housing density legend file hd.avl

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