Academic Staff

Susan Stewart

I am interested in housing growth; where and why it happens, what its impacts are on social and natural systems, and how it affects the wildland fire system.  As a Research Social Scientist in the Forest Service I had the opportunity to work within interdisciplinary research teams. Here at SILVIS, collaborating with others and crossing (or ignoring) disciplinary boundaries continue to be my favorite aspects of the job.

David Helmers

I'm interested in applying geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, and computer-based models to assess and monitor human-induced land cover change on broad scales, and to investigate its environmental and ecological consequences.

Shelley Maxted

My professional interests are with the use of GIS and remote sensing to analyze landscape change through time, specifically, the effects of human induced changes to the environment. I also have a strong interest in the intricacies and influences of cartographic design and the technological advances taking place in the world of cartography.

Teri Allendorf

I am interested in the human dimensions of biodiversity and conservation, including the relationship between local residents and protected areas in developing countries, community-based conservation, and biodiversity values and attitudes. I am currently working on projects relating to integrating park-people relationships into understandings of protected area effectiveness; Tibetan village sacred forests in Yunnan, China; tiger conservation in buffer zones around Chitwan National Park, Nepal.