Ph.D. candidate
Carlos Ramirez Reyes


2016:  PhD, Forestry, University of Wisconsin-Madison

2010: MsC, Applied Ecology, University of Poitiers, FR; University Christian Albrechts of Kiel, DE; University of East Anglia, UK

2008: Licentiate in Biology, National Autonomous University of Mexico

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

Human activities occur in an environmental context, which often is negatively affected a cause of these activities. I am interested in understanding these interactions and consequences by describing land cover dynamics in the context of wildlife habitat and natural resources. I use Remote Sensing to analyze land cover characteristics at large scales, Species Distribution Modeling, and a number of spatial analysis tools to investigate human and wildlife patterns, and their responses to natural and human-caused disturbances.

I am working through my doctoral degree by making large temporal and spatial forest cover change analyses in Mexico. I also use species distribution modeling to determine the remaining areas that are suitable for jaguars in central Mexico.


Personal Interests

I enjoy spending time outside, taking walks, biking, and attending art events. Winters in Wisconsin have also motivated me to get out of heated spaces and try cross country skiing and ice skating. I’m very interested in learning from and about other cultures.

Contact Info | 608-262-5447 | 204 Stock Pavilion | 1675 Linden Drive | Madison, WI 53706


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