Visiting Scientists

Marcella Godoy

I work in a Forest Research and Extension Center in Patagonia CIEFAP in the city of Esquel, Argentina. Actually I am working on a dissertation on wildland urban interface in Patagonia, mapping it to asses the main places where different forest management practices should be done to prevent unwanted wildfires. I am also interested on how to determine fuel load in the Andean Patagonian forests. I also have projects in northern Patagonia working with peasants plant their own trees, for timber, firewood and forage, and to help diversifying their production systems.

Benjamin Bleyhl

I am interested in conducting research that contributes to wildlife conservation. My focus lies on large mammal species and on identifying ways to sustain them in our landscapes. I mainly work at broad geographic scales and use spatially-explicit quantitative approaches such as species distribution modeling, connectivity analyses, and remote sensing. My goal is to conduct solution-oriented research that contributes to conservation science and landscape ecology and informs conservation, policy, and society.

Mihai Nita

I am interested in projects regarding forest management and monitoring, on topics like LULUCF (land use, land-use change and forestry) using remote sensing and drone mapping, modelling habitat distributions for species, evaluating Forest Ecosystem Services (FES), developing and managing GIS databases and WebGIS apps.

Currently I am exploring the effect of wars and political conflict on forest ecosystems in Romania by assessing the forest disturbances during Soviet occupation (1945 - 1956) using a heuristic method based on SfM (Structure from Motion) and DISI (Declassified Intelligence Satellite Imagery) and comparing with the recent rates of disturbance in forests after 1990.

Zigmars Rendenieks

I am most interested in forest landscape ecology – particularly, how human actions in past have influenced the changes in forested ecosystems in the Northern Europe. This also includes the aspects of forest management, biodiversity and nature conservation. I use my knowledge of remote sensing and GIS methods to analyze the patterns over large areas to gain new knowledge that would be relevant in above mentioned fields.

Maxim Dubinin

My expertise is in using geographic information systems and spatial data analysis for various aspects of conservation, natural resource management, and animal science.