Fire Research

Should I stay or should I go? Patterns of building and re-building after wildfires.

Across the United States, the number and cost of wildfires are rising. While rebuilding lost homes is common, Patricia Alexandre finds some unexpected patterns as communities recover from these infernos.
Jan 2016

Why do some houses burn and others do not when a wildfire hits?

Multiple environmental factors explain the likelihood of a burning house with a wildfire.
Jan 2015

Where should we burn? Prioritizing prescribed fire in Wisconsin

Controlled burning is one of the most effective tools for restoring grasslands and savannas across the Midwest. But there are many more lands needing burning than there are resources available.
Mar 2014

Where do fires destroy homes in the United States?

Rural housing development and fires: Understanding trends of housing loss to wildfires and rebuilding efforts throughout the United States.
Jan 2013

Massaging the U.S. Census to look at the WUI and at housing growth trends

Dave Helmers sits down with me and gives the skinny on how he turns U.S. Census data into ecologically relevant products for answering some of the most pressing questions in land-change conservation science.
Jan 2013

Why and where do fires start (in the Huron National Forest)?

Can we stop fires before they start? Researchers are working to predict fire ignitions.
Aug 2011

How are fires in western Mexico affecting hummingbirds?

Professor Sarahy Contreras has been studying hummingbirds in western Mexico for nearly 20 years. Her current project tackles the question of how different frequencies and intensities of post-fires affect hummingbird populations in the Sierra de Manantlan Biosphere Reserve.
Jul 2011

The Collapse of Socialism and the Rise of Fire in Kalmykia

Grassland fires in Kalmykia, Russia increased dramatically following the collapse of socialism. Socio-economic changes reduced livestock numbers and therefore grazing pressure on grasslands. Maxim Dubinin analyzed over 20 years of satellite images to quantify this change.
Aug 2010

Optimizing fuel treatment locations in the WUI

How can we optimize resources to protect houses from fire in America's Wildland Urban Interface? A team of SILVIS researchers, lead by Avi Bar Massada, is exploring this question.
Jul 2010