University of Wisconsin–Madison
Spatial Analysis For Conservation and Sustainability

Kathleen Carroll

Postdoctoral Research Associate

(608) 890-3160

120 Russell Labs
1630 Linden Drive
Madison, WI 53706


2019: Ph.D. Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Montana State University
2019: Certificate in College Teaching, Montana State University
2019: Certificate in Applied Statistics, Montana State University
2016: M.S. Environmental Sciences, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
2013: B.S. Wildlife Ecology, University of Maine at Orono
2013: B.S. Marine Biology, University of Maine at Orono

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Research interests

I have backgrounds in wildlife conservation, marine biology, behavioral ecology, landscape ecology, statistics, education, and science communication. Most of my work focuses on integrating connectivity science and satellite-derived indices to inform management strategies across a range of taxa. I collaborate directly with managers and agencies to make sure my work results in actionable conservation initiatives. Broadly, my current work focuses on mapping bird biodiversity in the U.S. for conservation using remotely sensed data.

Personal interests

My personal interests include spending time with my two dogs, reading, and participating in most outdoor recreational activities (including running, climbing, swimming, backpacking, and paddling). I love teaching and learning and am typically enrolled in at least one MOOC at any given time. I also play the ukulele, do some embroidery, brew my own kombucha, and am adeptly skilled at keeping houseplants alive. I am a certified PADI SCUBA Instructor and try to spend at least one weekend a month in a pool or body of water.

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