University of Wisconsin–Madison
Spatial Analysis For Conservation and Sustainability

Elbegjargal Nasanbat

PhD Graduate Student

1630 Linden Drive
116 Russell Labs

Elbegjargal Nasanbat


2014: Wildfire Risk Mapping in Eastern Part of Mongolia using
Remote Sensing, GIS datasets applied the Multi Criteria Analysis (MCA) in the Geography in Environmental Ecology, National University of Mongolia

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Research interests

Wildfire risk distribution mapping and assessment using social economic data, GIS spatial data and Earth observation satellite.
Land cover classification and change detection using multi-temporal satellite imagery.
Land cover mapping using high resolution satellite imagery and the multi-spectral UAV images.
Grassland dynamic impact from climate change and human using satellite imagery.

Personal interests

My hobbies are walks in the mountains, riding horses and watching movies.
Also, I like to play table tennis and wrestle.

Where I'm From