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Spatial Analysis For Conservation and Sustainability

Inter-annual and spatial variability indices for Argentina



The inter-annual variability indices are based on MODIS 16-days Vegetation Indices (MOD13Q1-collection 6; 250-m resolution) and on MODIS 8-day LST (MOD11A2-Collection 6; 1-km resolution). The spatial variability indices are based on EVI and on Band 10 of the thermal infrared sensor (TIRS) from Landsat 8 Surface Reflectance Tier 1.
Map’s projection is WGS84.


By National Datasets
Inter-Annual Variability indices
Phenology of Vegetation Greenness (176 MB)
Seasonality of Land Surface Temperature (14 MB)
Spatial Variability indices
Vegetation Greenness (16 GB)
Land Surface Temperature – Summer (16 GB)
Land Surface Temperature – Winter (16 GB)
Land Surface Temperature – Annual (1 GB)
Hotspots of Conservation Concern
Vegetation Greenness (18 MB)
Land Surface Temperature (1 MB)
High Risk (5 MB)
Low Risk (3 MB)
Forest Phenoclusters (192 MB)
Diversity of Forest Phenoclusters (161 MB)
Human Footprint
Forest Map (95 MB)
Wildest Forests At Risk (4 MB)
By Forest Regions (includes all datasets)
Bosque Andino Patagonico (1.8 GB)
Delta e Islas del Rio Parana (672 MB)
Espinal (6.8 GB)
Monte (10.4 GB)
Parque Chaqueño (13.9 GB)
Selva Paranaense (815 MB)
Yungas (1.1 GB)
By Provinces (includes all datasets)
Buenos Aires (6.8 GB)
Catamarca (2.0 GB)
Chaco (2.0 GB)
Chubut (5.5 GB)
Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires (3 MB)
Cordoba (3.4 GB)
Corrientes (1.8 GB)
Entre Rios (1.6 GB)
Formosa (1.5 GB)
Jujuy (1.0 GB)
La Pampa (3.2 GB)
La Rioja (1.9 GB)
Mendoza (3.2 GB)
Misiones (615 MB)
Neuquen (2.1 GB)
Rio Negro (4.7 GB)
Salta (3.1 GB)
San Juan (1.8 GB)
San Luis (1.6 GB)
Santa Cruz (6.4 GB)
Santa Fe (2.8 GB)
Santiago del Estero (2.8 GB)
Tierra del Fuego (608 MB)
Tucuman (464 MB)