Development around parks in the Midwest

Jul 2010 - Houses & WUI - Land Use

Worldwide, intensifying land use is limiting management options inside and out of national parks. Shelley Maxted and others developed a land use monitoring approach and applied it to two parks in the Midwest to assess development pressures. They found considerable changes in road and housing density and landscape fragmentation.

Ring of Fire

Jul 2010 - Houses & WUI

How can we optimize resources to protect houses from fire in America’s Wildland Urban Interface? A team of SILVIS researchers, lead by Avi Bar Massada, is exploring this question.

Landscape History Determines Plant Invasions

Jan 2010 - Houses & WUI - Land Use

How important is the past to understand present plant invasions? Gregorio Gavier Pizarro recently found that plant invasions may depend more on historic housing and road patterns than on today’s urban sprawl. To the contrary, contemporary forest fragmentation explained invasions better than fragmentation legacies.