Susan Stewart



1994: Doctor of Philosophy, Michigan State University (Park and Recreation Resources with a specialization in Resource Economics)

1990: Master of Science, Michigan State University (Park and Recreation Resources)

1984: Bachelor of Arts, Michigan State University (Multi-disciplinary Social Science)

Research interests

I am interested in housing growth; where and why it happens, what its impacts are on social and natural systems, and how it affects the wildland fire system.  As a Research Social Scientist in the Forest Service I had the opportunity to work within interdisciplinary research teams. Here at SILVIS, collaborating with others and crossing (or ignoring) disciplinary boundaries continue to be my favorite aspects of the job.

Personal interests

I enjoy being outside, any time of the year. Sailing, swimming, all kinds of skiing, trail running and triathlon all compete for my time. Returning to the town in northern lower Michigan where I grew up has given me the chance to reconnect with the local environmental and conservation community, which was just getting organized when I was in high school. 

Where I'm From