Conservation responsibility for bird species in tropical logged forests

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Unprotected lands can help prevent the extinctions of species if managed carefully. Over half of the tropical forest is leased by logging companies, whereas only 6%–18% is protected. This makes the timber industry, institutions that regulate it, and consumers of its products important actors in conservation. We assessed the conservation responsibility, the proportion of a species’ range that tropical timber industry concessions overlap with, for bird species that decline after selective logging. Up to 32% of the global range and up to 100% of the national range of sensitive species within our study countries are leased by logging companies. Individual concessions overlap with the ranges of up to 25 sensitive and more than 500 total bird species, with a particularly high density in Borneo. Our results can inform governments, forest managers, sustainability certifiers, and consumers so that they can turn this responsibility into a conservation opportunity through interventions at multiple scales.