Ph.D. Graduate Student
Jessica Gorzo


2012: M.S. Wildlife Biology, Clemson University

2008: B.S. Biological Sciences, Virginia Tech

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

I am working on a dissertation investigating the effects of extreme climate events on forest songbirds. My two biggest conservation interests are land preservation and climate change, as these two will foreseeably go hand-in-hand in management efforts. I am specifically interested in avian ecology, and hope to continue to focus my research within Aves. I hope to work in imperiled, high biodiversity ecosystems in future research.

Personal Interests

I enjoy digging into the natural history of the ecosystems I have lived in. My favorite hobby is birding, and I enjoy the highlights that the annual avian community brings to each season. I also like to learn about local plant communities as I explore. I love to hike, and will participate in just about any outdoorsy activity. Besides the great outdoors, I am a member of Blackhawk church and like to spend NFL Sundays with friends.

Contact Info | 608-261-1050 | 102 Stock Pavilion | 1675 Linden Drive | Madison, WI 53706


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