Alexia Sabor

Graduate Student


2010: PhD Forest Ecology & Management, University of Wisconsin - Madison

1998: M.S. Conservation Biology & Sustainable Development, University of Wisconsin - Madison

1998: M.S. Biological Anthropology, University of Wisconsin - Madison

1993: B.S. Anthropology, Loyola University

Research interests

I am interested in how human activities impact natural systems over broad spatial and temporal scales. In particular, I enjoy exploring human uses of natural resources and the impact of these uses on ecological structure and functioning. My interest in these issues stems from my background in conservation biology and prior work with threatened and endangered species, and as a result I am very interested in the management and public policy implications of my research.

Personal interests

When I'm not busy with my dissertation, I enjoy cooking, Latin dancing, playing ultimate Frisbee, and keeping my kitten, Pony, from getting into too much trouble. I love to travel and plan to hike the Incan trail to Macchu Picchu after I finish my PhD. I live in the Knapp House, which has afforded me the opportunity to interact on a daily basis with a lot of fun and interesting people from a broad variety of social and academic backgrounds.

Where I'm From