Amanda Carlson

Postdoctoral Research Associate

(608) 890-3160

126 Russell Labs
1630 Linden Drive
Madison, WI 53706


2019 Ph.D. in Ecology, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO
2013 MSc. In Geographical Information Science, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
2011 B.S. in Environmental Science, University of California, Berkeley, CA

Research interests

I am a spatial ecologist focusing on forest ecosystems. I am interested in the big picture, using GIS and remote sensing technologies to understand patterns and processes at the landscape scale. In particular, my research focuses on questions of how global change is impacting forested landscapes. My past research projects include analyses of fire and bark beetle outbreak impacts on recovery processes in high-elevation forests of the San Juan Mountains, Colorado, and modeling sage-grouse habitat suitability and connectivity on the Colorado Plateau. As part of the SILVIS lab, I will be creating a wildfire risk assessment map for the Northeast U.S.

Personal interests

When not researching or hibernating from the Wisconsin winter, I enjoy hiking, backpacking, climbing, snowboarding, yoga, biking, gardening, and aspiring to bake the things on The Great British Baking Show.

Where I'm From

Selected Publications

Carlson, A.R., Sibold, J.S., & Negron, J.F. 2020. Canopy structure and below-canopy temperatures interact to shape seedling response to disturbance in a Rocky Mountain subalpine forest. Forest Ecology and Management, 472 (2020), 118234.

Carlson, A. R., Sibold, J. S., Assal, T. J., & Negron, J. F. 2017. Evidence of compounded disturbance effects on vegetation recovery following high-severity wildfire and spruce beetle outbreak. PLoS One, 12(8), e0181778.

Runyon, A. N., A. R. Carlson, J. Gross, D. J. Lawrence, and G. W. Schuurman. 2020. Repeatable approaches to work with scientific uncertainty and advance climate change adaptation in US national parks. Parks Stewardship Forum, 36(1), 98-104.