David La Puma

Postdoctoral Fellow


2013 - Present: Postdoctoral Fellow, SILVIS Lab, University of Wisconsin. Madison, WI.

2012: Visiting Scientist, SILVIS Lab, University of Wisconsin. Madison, WI.

2012 : Postdoctoral Associate, University of Delaware. Newark, DE.

2010 - 2011: Postdoctoral Associate, New Jersey Audubon Society. Cape May, NJ.

2010: Ph.D., Department of Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources, Rutgers University. New Brunswick, NJ.

1997: B.A., Environmental Studies, Ithaca College. Ithaca, NY.

Research interests

My research interests lie at the interface between avian ecology and applied conservation biology. I'm most interested in how species exist in dynamic landscapes such as fire-prone ecosystems, and along seasonal passages such as trans-continental migration. Migration carries with it many perils while clearly also providing unparalleled benefits; the balance of such tradeoffs is likely influenced by the quality of stopover habitat en route. My current research aims to quantify such stopover habitat using remotely sensed NEXRAD weather radar and to develop spatial models of stopover habitat for the Southeastern region of the United States. Ultimately this research will provide guidance to conservation entities in order to identify and protect important bird areas.

Personal interests

When I'm not working I enjoy being outdoors with my wife and two daughters, hiking, camping, and watching birds.

Where I'm From