Kristina Black

Graduate Student


2014 BS, Zoology University of Oklahoma

Research interests

I am interested in how some species of wildlife thrive in coincidence with global change. I want to understand how they successfully adapt to ecosystem changes in order to find conservation implications that could maximize survivability for wildlife species that are less successful. My master's research examines synanthrope adaptation to increasing urbanization. My project will determine the colonization history and genetic adaptation for a species that successfully exploits urban areas - Eastern gray squirrels. I will examine genetic structure of squirrels in urban and rural landscapes of Madison, Wisconsin by 1) measuring genetic relatedness between rural and urban areas, and 2) determining if genetic relatedness is a consequence of proximity to rural areas or time since urban development. 

Personal interests

I enjoy backpacking in landscapes with high biodiversity and pursuing any opportunity for recreation- particularly scuba-diving, downhill skiing, and rock-climbing. At home I enjoy fostering shelter-pets, maximizing my time outside or in water, and cooking plant-based foods. 

Where I'm From