Sarahy Contreras

Visiting Scientist


1999: MS Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development, University of Wisconsin-Madison

1992: BS Biology, Universidad de Guadalajara

Research interests

For 15 years I have worked in the Department of Environment and Natural Resources-IMECBIO, Universidad de Guadalajara. I have participated in projects that are oriented to study bird ecology and conservation, analyzing the human disturbances on bird's communities in mountainous areas of western Mexico. I have assessed the regional distribution and conservation status of birds in the south of Jalisco and the Sierra de Manantlan Biosphere Reserve. I have studied the diversity of birds in response to changes vegetation caused by livestock in the Sierra de Manantlan, and I am currently looking at the effect of fires on the hummingbird's community on pine-oak forests. These projects have an important component of national collaboration (DRBSM and CONANP) and international (University of Wisconsin-Madison, Point Reyes Bird Observatory, University of San Francisco, National Fish and Wildlife Service, University of Barcelona, University of Arizona Tucson).

Personal interests

I like to balance my life between my family, my friends and work. I enjoy a lot my children, I like to read much about children's behavior. I like to go outside and have fun in a natural environment. I enjoy a lot dancing, I always want to dance! I also like to swim, bike and walk. I like to know about other cultures (history, traditions, and food).

Where I'm From