Thomas Albright

Postdoctoral Fellow


2007: Ph.D. Zoology, University of Wisconsin - Madison

1997: M.S. Geography, University of California, Santa Barbara

1993: B.S. Geography and Cartography/GIS, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Research interests

I'm especially interested in understanding the implications of human actions and global change for Earth's biota - and ultimately for human societies. I use tools such as remote sensing, GIS, spatial analysis, and statistical modeling in order to document, explain, and predict the consequences of changing land cover, climate, disturbance regimes, and patterns of travel and trade on the distribution, diversity, and abundance of Earth's biota.

Personal interests

I love to enjoy (and sometimes make) music and food in styles from all over our country and world with family and friends. I also relish riding bikes, sailing, hiking, and traveling, especially by train.

Where I'm From