Todd Hawbaker

Graduate Student


2008: PhD Forest Ecology & Management, University of Wisconsin - Madison

2003: M.S. Forestry, University of Wisconsin - Madison

1998: B.S. Animal Ecology, Iowa State University

Research interests

My research interests focus on understanding how human development shapes landscape patterns and affects ecological processes across broad spatial scales. Being a computer geek since the sixth grade, I am also interested in the tools that allow us to study landscapes at broad spatial scales: geographic information systems and remote sensing. By increasing our understanding the effects of human development, I hope to provide information that helps us to conserve our biological wealth and develop sustainable land management policies. Currently, I am researching relationships between housing development and forest fires across the United States.

Personal interests

Much of my inspiration in life comes from being outside. Whenever possible, I garden, hike, ski, canoe, camp and sail with friends. I have a very patient, loving, and supportive girlfriend, Sarah; she studies cranberries in the Horticulture Department at UW and laughs at all my dumb jokes. I also have a dog named Jack who has a few useful tricks, mainly retrieving beer from my refrigerator.

Where I'm From